NEEO Remote Binding/Transport

(DiLucca) #282


Does it need to be compiled?

(Tim Roberts) #283

Nope - just download the zip file, rename it to jar and drop it in. Note: sometimes you get openHAB cache’ing the old one. I would delete the old one from the addons directory - wait until I see the uninstall messages in the console (or issue “bundle:uninstall” to force the uninstall) then drop the new one in

(DiLucca) #284

@tmrobert8 Perfection! The slider is now properly updating both ways. Thanks!

BTW the sliders do not work on the NEEO remote, as there seems to be a bug in their UI under some circumstances. They do work OK on their app.

(Tim Roberts) #285


Just to let you know - I had a long conversation with one of the NEEO developers and we were able to confirm your bug (in addition to another bug around the LIGHT type). This will be fixed in a future firmware - I’ll let you know which firmware version when I’m notified of it…


(Mark Herwege) #286

Thanks Tim for your great work.

(Rashmi Patel) #287

I just got my neeo remote and I tried to install binding/transport but only transport shows up. When I try to go to add-ons, I don’t see the Neeo connector when both binding and transport files have been placed into the addons directory.

Do you have a guide on your sdk for global cache itach, I want to configure IP2SL and IP2IR but dont have a clue on what exactly is needed to do this and allow neeo to see it.


(DiLucca) #288


Looks like ‘Text Labels’ are not properly working with ‘Number’ items. The API returns ‘-’ instead of the actual number.



returns: {"value":"-"}

Here you have the log:

2018-07-08 14:34:07.913 [DEBUG] [nal.servletservices.NeeoBrainService] - handleGetValue PathInfo [thingUid=neeo_io:virtual:c0wT0lyR, itemName=FF_Master_Temperature, subType=none, channelNbr=1, componentType=textlabel, componentSubType=sensor, actionValue=null]: -


Number FF_Master_Temperature "Temperature [%d]" <temperature> (FF_Master)

(Tim Roberts) #289


Apparently they hard coded names for the light type - take a look at I can confirm that if I have a slider called “brightness”, the power state switch starts to work again (note: that is if you’ve used the transport to create a power sensor and mapped the power on/off buttons correctly)


(Tim Roberts) #290


First - open your openhab console and type “bundle:list” and look for both the binding and transport (or “bundle:list org.openhab.binding.neeo” to see the binding itself). If you see it - the binding is installed. Note that the binding does not create a separate ‘box’ like the transport does - the binding is integrated into the openhab environment. If you go to the paperui, inbox and press the “+” sign - you should see the NEEO binding and can have it search for your brains (will place them in the inbox). Let me know if any of this is not clear.

As for the gc/itach stuff - be sure to review documentation on how to set it up (pretty straight forward).

(Tim Roberts) #291

Thanks for pointing that out - you are using that pre-release version that has a number of bugs in it (mainly wanted to see if I solved your slider issue). I’ll add this to the things to look at before I make an official release…

(Rashmi Patel) #292

Tim, thanks I will look into those example and try to figure it out.

Also how do I go about installing the sdk, I saw your post saying you need nodjs installed, but if I am running openhab on raspberry pi, how can i install the neeo sdk on the same pi? Or would I need to use either openhab or sdk?


(Tim Roberts) #293


If you are ONLY running openHAB+NEEO, you will not need to worry about nodejs nor NEEO’s official SDK - the transport/binding run my own custom SDK and there are no other requirements beyond openHAB.

(Rashmi Patel) #294

The reason I was looking at the sdk was I saw you can control denon avr via tcp/ip protocol instead of IR but what is your opionon on which is better? I can always run another IR emitter for Global Cache Itach IP2IR to my avr but thought control via TCP/IP would be more stable since its through my network.

(Tim Roberts) #295

openHAB already has a Denon IP driver (I use it) - Simply add that binding through the PaperUI - should autodiscover your device. Add the device, customize the channels if needed and then expose it to NEEO via the transport.

(Mark Herwege) #296

Tim, the link is only for NEEO beta users. I am not on the beta.
I did see before my dimmers do work. But what should I do for a simple on/off, non-dimmable light? That’s where the problem appears on the remote (not the app).

(Tim Roberts) #297

Whoops - sorry about the link. Basically he said that you MUST have a slider called “brightness” for everything to work in the current firmwares (and in the next - his fix will be two ahead). They will be introducing a concept called “sensor roles” that will allow you to specify the role of the sensor so they aren’t dependent upon the name.

However - none of that matches your situation and I’ll raise that issue with them. In the mean time, create a virtual item that is a number - and then add it to your light type with a name of ‘brightness’. The slider won’t work but atleast it enables the switch then.

I’ll let you know the results of the issue…

(Tim Roberts) #298

On the text label issue - do you have a format defined on the item (on the things tab within the NEEO transport)?

(Rashmi Patel) #299

Thanks, must have missed that. Is there IP control for Roku as well for openhab or only IR?

(Tim Roberts) #300

Not a direct binding but people us the http binding and send the correct http to do it over IP. Google it and you’ll find the solution

(DiLucca) #301


Yes, I tired a couple of things with no success. Currently using: %d