Neither inclusion nor exclusion was active!

I moved my Z-Wave network on a Aeon Stick from LinuxMCE to OpenHab months ago. I have 30+ devices. I used to use my Aeon Mini Mote to add new devices to a network and I’m not sure that is the correct/supported way to add/remove devices on OpenHab. I have a few defective modules I want to remove so I tried the exclude button in Habmin 1. I received the message “Neither inclusion nor exclusion was active!”

I’m also concerned that my Z-wave network is no longer routing/working as it should. Habmin shows a number of nodes as Red. I can successfully send commands to these nodes and then they turn yellow but then to just get a message that the node is dead and turn red again.

How can I troubleshoot my Z-Wave network? What logs should I be providing for assistance?

Thank you,

The zwave debug log is the best (only) thing available. You can then decode the log (so long as it’s not toooo! big - up to about 20MB is probably ok) using HABmin2. This will display some statistics and generally display the log entries a little more clearly than just looking through the log.

I’m seeing a lot in the logs but I don’t know the first step in understanding it:
Where should I start?

I’m not sure why the exclusion is failing - in the log, it’s failing immediately - it might be because there are other messages hapenning at the same time - ie there’s polling messages as well. I’m not sure though - you could try disabling polling to ensure the network is quiet and if this works I could look to add a feature to the binding to do this automatically when inclusion/exclusion is enabled.

One other question - what USB stick are you using?

Aeon Z-stick. I also have as node 2 the Aeon minimote which I sued to use as an inclusion controller.