Neo cool misreport

Sorry if this has been asked but I have the neocool cam units both PIR and the power plug using zwave. Overall they all work fine but occasionally they miss report a figure. Has anyone seen this? If so did you find a resolution?

I am going to email neocool as well.

Good luck with that.

They may say it is defective and want you to ship back to China at your expense for warranty replacement. That is what they told me :frowning:

I just have one Neo Coolcam PIR sensor that eats batteries like crazy . I just replaced it with a different brand unit. There is a reason these Chinese products are so cheap…

It is always possible that an RF communication link (and for that matter, a wired link) will miss data. Data is normally sent 3 times from a device, but if the link is poor for a few seconds due to environmental effects, a busy network, etc, then it could fail to be delivered. I’m not sure how good the RF environment is between this device and others in the network, so maybe it’s worth checking this.

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Thanks I have a lot of mains powered devices to act as relays so signal is ok but load is normally ok.

To be honest, it’s very hard to be sure that you don’t have RF issues just by looking at the topology since it’s affected by lots of different things. This is for sure the most likely reason for lost frames thougn.

Thanks for the heads up on that one I will turn on the stats from the controller stick.

From what I understand the unit is sending the wrong info. Looking at it is reporting the total usage Max converting it to a negative and then adding on the acutual (hope that makes sence).

As such looks like a firmware issue to me on Neocool side.

I don’t think you can quite make that assumption - let me rephrase what you’re (nearly) saying. Instead of saying the unit is sending the wrong info, which we don’t know for sure, we can however say the controller is receiving the wrong info…

I expect this is actually caused simplly by corruption of data over the RF link - this isn’t uncommon for ZWave as the standard error detection is pretty poor. Newer devices may incorporate secondary encapsulation to resolve this, but it’s still not supper common.

Hmm interesting. I’ll move the device next to the controller and see what happens then.

You’ll find a few threads on here about “filter unreasonable value” and similar, about how to work around the odd data glitch. Doesn’t stop it happening but you can have prettier graphs and reduce rule misfires.

Thanks, I have a MySQL event schedule on that clears out the junk but if neo cool keeps pumping out rubbish I will stick with Aeotec which I can say a bad thing about, same goes for Chris Jackson (full compliments to the help and a great package maintainer).

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Right I have put the unit next to the controller. I will wait for a network heal and see what that does.

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Chris your wisdom on Z-wave is great.

To update I moved the unit next to the controller and allowed a network heal to happen. I have noted the device has a direct connection to the controller. Since then I have seen incorrect figures received.

Chris, although there is a direct connection, is there a way to confirm wave issues or are we now saying buggy kit.

I had RF problems with the NEO Coolcam Z-Wave Plus Smart Power Plug. I have taken the plug apart and observed a really poor antenna design. This could be a similar issue.

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Yes stacks up with what I seeing. Strange as the watts live is always reporting correct.

I’ll just put this down to bad kit.