Neo Coolcam Motion Sensor PD02Z and previous models

Setting it to 99 doesn’t help. The lux level is correct in the sense that I do see the LED on the device flashing, so it’s definitely responding to my movement.

I can certainly changing the association. Is that something I can do in habmin? Do I simply need to set the association for group 2 to ‘Controller’ and leave the other association groups empty?

I do not think setting the controller is the right Group2 association.
You an do it with habmin or paperui.

Association group 1 - Lifeline is for controller (node_1)
Group 2 is the binary on/off - target switch/node

When the light is on, if the luminance is higher than the parameter for the lux level! then it can be that this device gets confused.

Also if the device is associated by group, I believe z-wave binding has nothing to do with it. and maybe also the binary command doesn’t show on log?

Can you send us some screenshots from your Association groups and settings? Habmin or paperui is ok

Ah, you mean associate it to another z-wave switch or node? I’m not using any of that functionality.

The only thing I want it to do is trigger the ‘motion alarm’ channel so a switch item in OpenHAB gets triggered.

So my association group configuration in habmin is empty.

In this case there is no Binary change but Notification. Does your Motion Item change from Alarm to OK and back?

If so also check if Parameter 12 is Set to disable, this can keep the Motion Alarm to ON for long period.

I have downloaded the file and placed it in the folder /usr/share/openhab2/addons but i’m can’t see it in the PaperUI addons

A check in Karaf console:

  • openhab> bundle:list | grep -i zw
  • 240 x Installed x 80 x 2.4.0 x ZWave Binding
  • 242 x Active x 80 x x ZWave Binding
  • openhab> bundle:restart 242

How can i get the latest Snapshot installed?

No, as I mentioned, it sometimes goes back from ALARM to OK but not always.

Meh, I’m giving up, I’ve spent too much of my weekend on this :slight_smile: I’ll see if I can also figure out a way to extend the Z-Wave signal, maybe it’s just dropping packets or something.

Hi Roy,

I’m stopping for today. I think we have the same problems with the NEO coolcam. I had no problems with Domoticz, but i had serious other problems with Domoticz and was trying to move to OH. The NEO Coolcam products works direct without any problem.:disappointed_relieved:

Well, I managed to solve the dropped packets by simply inserting a Z-Wave wall plug halfway between my controller and the motion sensor. I guess the range was too far and the plug is now extending it.

Let’s hope there’s no more weirdness from now on :slight_smile:

@jphab I’m not sure our issues are related but I hope you perservere. OpenHAB has been Rock solid for me apart from some configuration issues like these.

You need to uninstall the 2.4.0 from the interface before you add the other, they will begin conflicting!

I have had some issues too, What saved me was Remove the Items (unlink and delete) Heal and Reinitialize the device (manual wake every time)… and it began working like a charm!

What was the distance?

About 15 metres, which should be well in range, normally. But perhaps to conserve power they’re not transmitting with enough range.

Have the same without issues. is your gateway a stick?

In my first days I used Razberry with issues. then I did install a connector and external antenna… Range was (impossible)

Yes, I’m just using a Z-Wave stick so I guess that’s why the range is lacking.

Withe 2.5 snapshot z wave binding, I am not getting any temperature readings.
The attributes says my sensor is model 0003:1083. Is that correct? I thought that is for the PD01Z, not my PD02Z (the one that looks like a golf ball)


Database looks correct for your sensor:


I thought so too. But why am I not getting temperature or luminence readings?

Did you check the correct association group for your controller?

Thanks. I just it and it was blank. I swear, I put it to Controller a few times already and it keeps disappearing

Just a display issue when using HABmin … it is there even if not visible.
But it does not harm to set it again :sunglasses:

Will do. Anyway I can speed this process of associations up?