Neo Coolcam motion sensor stopped working

Hey Guys, a long time ago when I switched from OpenHab 2.3 to 2.4 my motion sensor stopped working through my zwave binding. I now upgraded to 3.0 and wanted to see if I could get this thing going again. Unfortunately when I tried to include the device again and again it keeps saying manufacturer id is unknown. Now it was working great on 2.3. I don’t recall upgrading your openhab installation does some adjustments on the device database for zwave devices? I have this sensor: OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database

I’ve read some other topics to inside the zwave portion of the community. I tried inclusion with constantly waking up the sensor. But nothing seems to get this sensor going.
I ran out of options and was hoping for a good tip :slight_smile:

I have a raspberry pi 3 running openhabian > OH 3.0. With an aotec gen5 zwave usb stick.

You say you tried to include the device again. With these devices I found I needed to factory reset before including to have them properly included. I am considering replacing my last 2 though because they miss motion when waking from time to time.

Hey Bruce, thanks for your reply. I already tried resetting them by holding the button 10 to 15 seconds and tried to include it afterwards. But the results are the same…

Maybe you can try to wake it up few times in a row. As I remember pushing the button inside three times rapidly will wake it up and cause report to the controller and OH. It can be seen in the log.
I always do like this and it works. But maybe in your case it is someting different.


Battery operated devices do need to be woken up many times to complete discovery by the binding.

I don’t have habmin anymore in OH3 installed but it is this button in the thing config I guess?

Whenever I set it to controller and hit the safe button it is immediatly unselected. It doesn’t seem to set this setting no matter what I try.

I also woken up the device a few more times, but it seems like it is just not finishing. Strange because it does show up in my inbox for new discovered things when I re-pair it.

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