NeoCoolcam door sensor IS communicating but OH doesn't pick that up

I have a Neo Coolcam door sensor that is driving me nuts.
After several attempts of including and excluding I now found that:
-> in HABMIN the status IS changing when I move the sensor from the magnet, or back.
-> but nothing in the log (zwave log=DEBUG) the item is not changed in my app or PaperUI-control, only battery is shown 100%!

Here is my items file:

Switch Achterdeur_sw "Achterdeur open sw" <door> {channel="zwave:device:512:node42:sensor_door"}
Switch Achterdeur_alarm "Achterdeur open alarm" <door> {channel="zwave:device:512:node42:alarm_access"}
Number Batterij_achterdeur "Batterij Achterdeur [%.1f %%]" <battery> {channel="zwave:device:512:node42:battery-level"}

And my sitemap:
Default item=Achterdeur_sw
Default item=Achterdeur_alarm

I saw that the association groups are empty (but I know this is a bug in HABMIN), I changed them all to “controller” anyway. After clicking the button the config is pushed to the device, but no change in behaviour.
HABmin even shows the item I have linked to it

I tried cleaning cash:
sudo /bin/systemctl stop openhab2.service
sudo openhab-cli clean-cache
sudo /bin/systemctl start openhab2.service

After this, the assiciations in HABmin are still there, but now even HABmin doesn’t notice the opening and closing of the sensor any more! The sensor switch stays ‘closed’, while the alarm and battery are now empty.
I tryed "exclude from controller’. HABmin reports it’s ok, an HABmin starts reacting again on opening/closing the sensor parts. In the log I only see this:
NODE 42: Remove failed node failed as node not found
And I see some errors about older nodes that have been deleted but are still in my controller. I will try and delete them some time with the program for the Z-stick. But I have had this more often and it never had any impact as far as I know.
I am out of ideas.

sensor_door needs to be a contact itemtype, not a switch:

Also make sure you have a string format in one of your labels, either on your item or on your sitemap definition:[%s]

Oh my God. It’s my first door sensor and I thought it was the same!
I know I am far from the best, probably the most clumsy OH-user ever. So I always try everything I can think off before I go to the forum. So I (kind of) hate it when someone solves my problem with one reply and at the same time I love the speed with which the forum helps me. So maybe I should post just a bit quicker!
I addes [%s]. My rules are fireing, so I know it’s working but the text stays ‘CLOSED’ for Alarm, and ‘Open’ for the contact. I will read up on door sensors in the manual now I know they are not ‘just switches’! Thank you Sihui!

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Just for reference in case someone else is as clumsy as me :woozy_face::
With the greatly appreciated help from Sihui :love_you_gesture: I got the door sensor working with item-definition:

Contact Achterdeur_contact "Achterdeur [%s]" <door> {channel="zwave:device:512:node42:sensor_door"}
Switch Achterdeur_alarm "Achterdeur alarm" <alarm> {channel="zwave:device:512:node42:alarm_access"}
Number Batterij_achterdeur "Batterij Achterdeur [%.1f %%]" <battery> {channel="zwave:device:512:node42:battery-level"}

and sitemap:

Default item=Achterdeur_contact
Default item=Achterdeur_alarm
Default item=Batterij_achterdeur

Now the fun parts start: building smart rules!:+1: