Neohub in openHAB 2.2 using Paper UI - Too ambitious for a raw beginner?

  • Platform information:
    • OS: what OS is used and which version Windows7
    • Java Runtime Environment: _which java platform is used and what version_Oracle jre1.8.0_161
    • openHAB version: 2.2.0
  • Issue of the topic: please be detailed explaining your issue.
    Although I do have plenty of experience working with numerous industrial telemetry systems at work, I’m a complete novice with OpenHAB. My intention is to build slowly, gain experience with say some light switches or wifi bulbs. I’ll move on to a rasp pi fairly quickly I think.

I have openHAB running on the PC and have jumped straight in to Paper UI.
As I have virtually nothing to monitor or control yet I’ve added bindings for Network and Kodi.
Inbox will search and find many devices on my network.
I’ve added kodi mediacentre as a thing and volume control as an item.
Using the Android openHab app on my phone I can turn kodi volume up and down when it’s streaming a film from a different PC.
All good up to this point then.
My problem comes when I install neohub binding in addons (I have 14 neostats). When I go back to configuration to add a thing, neohub doesn’t appear in the choice of bindings to pick.

So my question:- Is this too much of a “deep end” thing for me to try to do at this point?
I think I probably need to configure it by text in .cfg files somewhere but I can’t work out which one(s) and where in the directory structure. I’ve seen the help for neohub in the documentation but I must be just too much of a beginner to understand that. I probably need some syntax examples too.

PS OpenHAB looks an amazing system, thanks to everyone who must have put in masses of effort.

Neohub is a 1.x version binding. PaperUI is unable to do anything with 1.x version bindings beyond installation.

You will need to create .items files and manually define Items using the syntax defined in the Neohub binding README.

Go through the Beginner’s Tutorial and the first few sections of the User’s Guide, in particular, the Concepts and Configuration sections. You don’t have to read every word of the User’s Guide but scan it enough to get the lay of the land. This should give you the information needed to understand where everything needs to be defined and the syntax.

OK Many thanks for the reply.
I think I had come to realise that’s what’s needed but will have to do much further reading to work out how.
I’ve now added “Online” and “Latency” as items to this thing and they appear to be working fine. At least - “Online” turns red and the latency reading disappears when I de-power the hub.
So I think I need to add a line (or many lines) to a .cfg file, such as:-
Number Temperature_Office “Temperature [%.1f °C]” {neohub=“Office:CurrentTemperature”}
Maybe changed to this to suit my system:-
Number Temperature_Kitchen “Temperature [%.1f °C]” {neohub=“Kitchen:CurrentTemperature”}

But just what do I call the .cfg file and where does it go? (I don’t seem to have the same folder structure as in the tutorials, is this 'cos I have a windows installation?)
Does anything else need to be in the file?
Or does this line go in a global .cfg file somewhere?
Does openHAB need restarting to read the file?

I’ll keep reading, see what I can find. I feel I’m so close but so far away just at the moment. Any help is priceless.
Edit - I just re-read the post above and see I need to create .items files. So that’s what I must find in the tutorials. :slight_smile:

No, just Item definitions goe in .items files.

There is no global config.

No, it will read the file as soon as you save it.

I have the same issue with NeoHab
I installed th bindings but as i understand it is doing nothing visible at the minute.
I read couple of posts where people asking what to do next but the posts stop so there is no step by step solution what to do next.
Is it me not searching correctly?

It’s a 1.x binding. After installation there is nothing else you can do from PaperUI. You need to populate the neohub.cfg file with the appropriate parameters, and then define Items in .items files using the format documented in the README.

How to get started (there is no step-by-step tutorial) might have some getting started information to help as well.

Just for info: I have written a NeoHub binding for OH v2. It is fully developed, and there is a Pull Request to have it integrated into the official release. I assume it will only be a matter of days before that happens :wink:

PS in the meantime, if you want the pre release JAR file then please message me.

Actually there is a quite a backlog. It might take a bit longer than that.


The JAR is here…