Neopixel -ws2811

Phillips Hue ledstrips are pretty expensive and lack the possibility of chasing led.

So I have gotten hold of some nice ws2811 ledstrips from china to 3usd per meter. The problem is how can I easily integrate these into openhab?

  1. Do I need to get an esp arduino chip and implement the neopixel library? How can I send data from the colorwheel, chasing buttons etc to it? Do you use mqtt broker? Is there any examples out there?

  2. Or can I buy cheap IR led driver from china and a harmony hub to emulate the ir remote

  3. Is there a dmx controller for neopixel leds? I found this one, fits nicely in my fusebox, however it seems like artnet is not oh2 compatible.

  4. Is there z wave controller for neopixel leds?

A quick search gives some potentially useful links…

Those are rgbw and not ws2811, so only rgb ledstrip and not individual leds:)

The article uses NeoPixel strips. Doesn’t that include WS2811? In any case, the questions about how to interface between OH and led strips are somewhat independent of whether the strip is pixel-addressable or not.

Hi @skatun I am working on something very similar and want to combine:

  • ESP8266 (with Arduino IDE and Artnet or E1.31 library)
  • OpenHAB with DMX 2.0 Binding (is in beta status, see other thread)
  • PixelController as the software to create effects. (java)
  • OpenHAB Exec 2.0 binding to control PixelController

I have built already something and parts of it are working already, but it is not very stable and a bit complicated.

I will make a big posting/tutorial once I have this stable and nicely working.

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Hi you can use a D1 wemos board to control neopixel they are much cheaper than Arduino with the dmx binding

Would be a good example