Nest Binding 2.2 - low_battery

i got the Nest Binding 2.2 working fine and i get back values for:

  • manual_test_active
  • co_alarm_state
  • smoke_alarm_state
  • ui_color_state
  • low_battery

Wait “low_battery” ? Why “low_battery” ?.
I am asking this cause i stumbled over this page:

I can find all API calls except “low_battery”. I can find “battery_health” which gives back a string and 2 options as value “OK” and “replace”.

I tried to create an item using battery_health instead of low_battery, but it didn’t work. Only the undocumented low_battery is giving back “OFF” for battery is ok. But do i get back an “ON” if the battery is low or has to be replaced?

Can someone comment on the 2 different API calls please and try to explain this to me please?

Thank you very much

battery_health see

The binding uses the Nest battery_health value in a channel named low_battery to reuse a so called systemwide channel that is the same on a lot of bindings:

low-battery system.low-battery Switch Battery Represents a low battery warning with possible values on/off.

@hr3 provided a link to the readme of the OH1 Nest binding which does not apply to the OH2 Nest binding.

You’ll find a description of the low_battery channel in the “Smoke detector channels” section of the OH2 Nest binding documentation:

So the low_battery channel state will be:

  • ON when the Nest API returns “replace”
  • OFF when the Nest API returns “ok”

@wborn Thank you very much. That answers my Question without any space left :slight_smile:


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