Nest Binding Cam video stream

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Since the string returned from the Nest Binding contains a deeplink to their website (with a flash player) or app, i couldn’t find a way to integrate this with OpenHab.

I ended up with 2 options i still have to try:

  1. Try to get a virtual machine up and running (with decent resources) on my server, capture the desktop with the video in full screen and stream again over LAN.

  2. Use the Nest Cam deep link with return url. (only working on iOS) More info on this page Nest Api iOS 8 backlinks.

Im hoping nest will change their stream/api so we can integrate this with OH. Their forums are loaded with people complaining about the flash player (while its unsafe etc. etc.).

Maybe someone else got an alternative idea to get this working?

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What about a command line script that grabs the image file and stores it like locally as a gif or jpeg? Then openhab can easily see it. If we have nest aware you can grab the gif 10x/second… so it would be a decent, albeit delayed, moving image.

executeCommandLine() - can put dynamic links into this inside a rule.

I have in the past played with command image handlers that are very powerful (resize crop etc).

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