Nest Binding - dropped off network

I have a Nest developer account (not Google) and have been using th eold binding for some time.
I recently updated to 2.5.10 and my Nest has dropped offline.

I am tryikng to get a new PIN / Auth code to re-create or re-authenticate, but it seems the old web portal is inaccesible? Youonly have access to the new Nest portal?

Does anyone know how I can re-create the required token / session?

You can’t. There is no way to generate a new code.

That’s awful news and a real shame.
Note here that I already have an active nest account that was set up and working until my recent openHAB upgrade. Surely, since I’m not creating a new nest app, I should be able to simply reset my auth on the existing one I created to get the binding working before?

Irrespective - thanks fo the response Rich - you’re a really asset to this community

I have seen that a new google api driven solution is in progress, but the onboarding documentation is sparse, so I have kept my current nest native account for now