Nest Binding - Error `Failed to resolve Nest redirect URL while opening new EventSource`

This questions is about the Nest binding that I use for 7 Nest Protect V2 Devices.
It no longer works, since I’ve upgraded my openhab from 2.5.0 to 2.5.1, but I don’t thing this particular upgrade has anything to do with this, except for maybe being offline too long so my access token got revoked or something.
I’m running openhab based on the official docker image, FYIW.

I know Nest is migrating to Google and their support for Nest protect v2 via the API has been non-existent, so I’m staying with nest, not upgrading to the Google API. However, I can no longer connect to the nest API with my current settings since I’ve upgraded. My account and device Things stay offline.
I think my authentication token got expired or something, but I cannot renew because I cannot login to the developer console portal any more, due to the support being dropped :confused:

I’ve enabled trace logging for the nest binding and this is what I see appearing in the logs (repeatedly):

The Thing configuration for the Nest Account looks like this:

(all settings survived the upgrade)

Anyone still using the Nest binding together with the (now legacy) Nest API?

I think the Nest API has been dead for 6 months or so:

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The Nest API is still working for me. Though new users can’t create new developer accounts. Also you’ll loose API access if you convert your login method from Nest to Google. Which is required if you want to make use of their reduced monthly subscriptions fees. So for now I’ll keep paying the premium and keep API access. :wink:

Maybe you can fix it by restarting the binding or openHAB? It sometimes has some issues to resolve the API hostname.

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