Nest Binding Issue

After OH went offline with the AWS Outage a couple weeks ago my Nest stopped working. I can’t get any nest messages in the Openhab or the events log. Where else can I look to find out why its not working.

Im using OH2 and Nest 1.10 binding

Are you seeing anything in openhab.log from Nest? In particular, there should be errors every time the binding tries to query the service.

You can try resetting the binding’s API connection by:

  1. stopping openHAB
  2. delete ~openhab/.java/.userPrefs/<a directory with a long name made up of random characters>
  3. go to the Nest developers site and generate a new pin
  4. update the Nest config with this new pin in nest.cfg
  5. restart openHAB

If you set up Nest through PaperUI, go get the new pin first and change the pin in PaperUI before stopping OH and deleting the .userPrefs stuff.

Im not seeing anything in openhab.log except the refresh service has been started. I’ve generated new pins and that does not seem to help.

I hate to ask such a basic question but I see this all the time. I installed this on windows and I don’t seem to have the same folder structure. Any idea where that lives on Windows?

Everything lives in the folder you unzipped it to with a manual install. See:

The majority of OH users run on Linux using apt-get install which puts everything in standard locations.

As to the .java folder, I have no idea where that would be on Windows. I suspect it would be in your c:\users\<username> folder or c:\users\<username>\AppData somewhere. I don’t know for sure.

Thanks, I know where the files live that are referenced in this link live but I can’t find a userprefs directory anywhere