Nest binding openhab2

I tried to make a connection with my nest thermostat and OpenHAB2 on my raspberry.
I made at the developers api from Nest a ‘product’ with all the permisions, and I’ve got my client ID, secret and PIN.

When I look in OpenHAB PaperUI ‘things’ it won’t work, is there someone with a tutorial or something how I can do this?

Nest is a 1.x version binding. There are no Things.

See the readme for how to set up Items to work with Nest.

There’s Nest binding for openHAB 2.x that’s currently in development / PR queue.

I followed the directions in the above link, but am still having trouble. The items are showing up in the menu, but they don’t have any values making me think it’s a binding issue. Is this the correct format for the nest.cfg binding file?

nest:client_id=[My Guid]
nest:client_secret=[My secret]
nest:pin_code=[My PIN]

Yes, that looks correct. However, you might need to generate a new pin if something went wrong. The pin only gets used once on the initial authorization of the binding with Nest’s servers. After that, the pin is pretty much ignored.

You can force everything to a “clean slate” by:

  1. stop OH
  2. rm -rf ~openhab/.java/.userPrefs/*
  3. generate a new pin
  4. update nest.cfg with the new pin, verify your guid and secret are correct
  5. start OH

Rich, Thanks for your response it helped eliminate my nest.cfg as the issue.
For any future users that might experience setup issues, my binding issue was caused by the nest binding not persisting on reboot. To fix the issue I added the following to the

binding = nest1

I’m getting confused too. I have a fresh install of OH2 and have registered as a dev with Nest. I’ve entered all the API information in the OH2 Configuration\Bindings GUI for the nest. I’ve also looked at services\nest.cfg and there’s nothing in there (except for the commented-out examples), so do I need to put the API information in there too?

Also regardless of the above I assume I need to put “other stuff” in nest.cfg because this is not an OH2 binding?

Lastly, as per this thread do I also need to add “binding = nest1” into services/addons.cfg too?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

if you have OH 2.2 installed, there’s a new binding.

Take a look at this topic for details.