Nest Binding V1 Works, but produces warnings


I used OH1 for several years with the Nest 1.x binding w/o issues. I moved to OH2 maybe 6 months ago and still use the Nest 1.x binding since the 2.x binding doe snot seem ready for “primetime” and also does not support Fahrenheit.

So, my binding seems to work 100% fine for my single Nest Device (Thermostat), however every minute or so, I get the following warnings in my log:

2018-03-14 07:59:49.501 [WARN ] [ab.binding.nest.internal.NestBinding] - attempt to update non-outbound item skipped [itemName=living_room_last_connection, newState=2018-03-14T07:46:00]
2018-03-14 07:59:49.589 [WARN ] [ab.binding.nest.internal.NestBinding] - attempt to update non-outbound item skipped [itemName=livingroom_fan_timer_timeout, newState=1969-12-31T19:00:00]

I thought I saw it on other nest items as well, but I’m only seeing it currently on these two. Does anyone have any idea whats going on here?

I have my items defined as follows:

String 	 home_away 								"Nest"												<nest>									{nest="=[structures(The Weichmann House).away]"}				
DateTime living_room_last_connection 			"Last Connection [%1$tm/%1$td %1$tl:%1$tM %1$tp]"	<calendar>								{nest="<[thermostats(House).last_connection]"} 
String 	 living_room_hvac_mode 					"HVAC Mode" 										<climate>								{nest="=[thermostats(House).hvac_mode]"}					
String 	 living_room_temperature_scale 			"Temperature Scale [%s]" 																	{nest="<[thermostats(House).temperature_scale]"}
Number 	 living_room_ambient_temperature_f 		"Inside Temperature [%.1f °F]" 						<temperature> 	(Nest_Chart)			{nest="<[thermostats(House).ambient_temperature_f]"} 
String 	 living_room_ambient_temperature_f_Max	"Today's High [%s]"									<temperature>
String 	 living_room_ambient_temperature_f_Min 	"Today's Low [%s]"									<temperature>
Number 	 living_room_ambient_temperature_c 		"Inside Temperature [%.1f °C]" 						<temperature>							{nest="<[thermostats(House).ambient_temperature_c]"}
Number 	 living_room_humidity 					"Inside Humidity [%d %%]"							<water>	    	(Nest_Chart)			{nest="<[thermostats(House).humidity]"}
Number 	 living_room_target_temperature_f 		"Target Temperature [%.1f °F]" 						<temperature> 							{nest="=[thermostats(House).target_temperature_f]"}
Number 	 living_room_target_temperature_low_f	"Away Min Temperature [%.1f °F]" 					<temperature> 							{nest="=[thermostats(House).target_temperature_low_f]"}
Number 	 living_room_target_temperature_high_f	"Away Max Temperature [%.1f °F]"					<temperature>							{nest="=[thermostats(House).target_temperature_high_f]"}
Number 	 living_room_away_temperature_low_f		"Minimum Away Temp. [%.1f °F]" 						<temperature>							{nest="<[thermostats(House).away_temperature_low_f]"}
Number 	 living_room_away_temperature_high_f	"Maximum Away Temp. [%.1f °F]"						<temperature> 							{nest="<[thermostats(House).away_temperature_high_f]"}
//Number   living_room_eco_temperature_high_c	"Eco Temperature High [%.1f °C]"  	     			<temperature>							{nest="<[thermostats(House).eco_temperature_high_c]"}  // as of 1.9
Number   living_room_eco_temperature_high_f		"Eco Temperature High [%.1f °F]"     				<temperature>							{nest="<[thermostats(House).eco_temperature_high_f]"}  // as of 1.9
//Number   living_room_eco_temperature_low_c	"Eco Temperature Low [%.1f °C]"         			<temperature> 							{nest="<[thermostats(House).eco_teperature_low_c]"}  // as of 1.9
Number   living_room_eco_temperature_low_f		"Eco Temperature Low [%.1f °F]"         			<temperature>							{nest="<[thermostats(House).eco_temperature_low_f]"}  // as of 1.9
String   living_room_previous_hvac_mode 		"Previous HVAC Mode [%s]"																	{nest="<[thermostats(House).previous_hvac_mode]"} // as of 1.9
Switch   livingroom_fan_timer_active 			"Fan Timer[%s]"		                    	 		<selfairing>							{nest="=[thermostats(House).fan_timer_active]"}
Number   livingroom_fan_timer_duration 			"Timer Length[%d]"  	    		      			<clock>									{nest="=[thermostats(House).fan_timer_duration]"} // as of 1.9
DateTime livingroom_fan_timer_timeout 			"Fan Timer Ends [%1$tm/%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]" 			<calendar> 								{nest="<[thermostats(House).fan_timer_timeout]"}

Same here…

I have a similar configuration for 6 nest devices. All produce the same error, flooding my log every minute!

2.3 is nearly here and you will be able to have Fahrenheit…

Perfect, looking forward!