Nest Binding via SDM API issues

I have my SDM account Thing and it is is “online”. I also have a Thermostat Thing which is also “online”.

I have added the thermostat to my Semantic Model but this is where I see issues. Several of the points have a value of NULL but a few have incorrect values. For example, the Ambient Temperature in OpenHAB is 73 but my thermostat shows 43.

In the openhab.log there are warnings every 5 minutes (which is the polling interval for the SDM account):
[WARN ] [binding.nest.internal.sdm.api.SDMAPI] - SDM API error: Enterprise enterprises/“Nest Project ID” not found.

Not sure how to troubleshoot these issues. I think OpenHAB isn’t getting updates from the account and the incorrect values are coming from the persistence db.