Nest Camers

Is ther anyone use Nest Cameras with nest openhab binding?
I would like to know if the camera is doing a live broadcast and there is no delay.

The Nest binding doesn’t handle streaming. You can probably put the stream from your Nest Camera on your sitemap using a Webview element perhaps using the share URL. I’ve not tried that. documents the channels that are available for Nest Cams. Note that most of the useful Channels require a Nest Aware subscription.

Based on the reaction time of the Nest App for my Nest Hello I would expect at least a 5-10 second delay. That is about the average delay I see from when someone rings the bell and I actually get the alert on my phone in the Nest App. Note that the binding talks to Nest’s servers, not to the cameras directly. So any delay you see in the Nest app on your phone will also be there for the binding.