Nest home/away rule to turn on lights

Is it possible to create a rule using my nest motion detector to turn on my Milight bulbs? I’m so over my head with all this coding:scream:

Yes it is very possible. This is one of the most basic home automation things one might want to achieve.

Create a rule that triggers on an Item bound to the Away status of the nest. Here is an example:

String NestAway "Nest Away Status [%s]"               <present>     { nest="=[structures(Home).away]" }

NOTE: You need to replace “Home” with the structure name configured on the Nest.

In the rule simple sendCommand(ON) to your lights.

rule "Turn on milight builbs when nest says home"
    Item NestAway received update
    if(NestAway.state.toString == "home") {

Wow thanks for such a quick response! I have a lot to learn but this makes perfect sense. Thanks for the help, now I need to dive into the documentation. Is this Java or something else?

Something else. OH is written in Java but by default the rules are written in a Domain Specific Language that most resembles Xtext.