Nest Secure

Nest announced a new security setup today:

I’m curious to hear the community’s thoughts. Though I like my Nest thermostat, I’m wary about putting security entirely in the cloud (as I expect it will be). Cost also seems high for what it is.

Still, it’s good looking hardware. I especially like the combo contact/motion sensors.

For those versed in binding development: what are the prospects for adding this new hardware to the Nest binding?

Ridiculously expensive, however a physical keypad would be nice, and the door/motion combined sensor is too.

Long and short of it is that it won’t make it into my home.

The products have just been announced. I haven’t seen any text or talk about what APIs will be available at what moment for these products.

If the Nest Secure has as many false positives as the Nest Cam people are in for a frustrating experience. I have a Cam that always gets over excited from sudden sunlight changes. :sunny: :slight_smile: