Nest Thermostat E

Hello, I am just getting familiar with OpenHAB and making progress with integrating various devices using WiFi and Zigbee. So far so good. I also have a Nest Thermostat E. After reading the “Works with Nest” topic it appears that integrating it now without already having the OAuth information is impossible (true?). Here are some questions:

I have not migrated my nest account to Google yet. Is it possible that the Alexa skill has that information buried somewhere?

Is there any more information about the new “personal” Google assistant integration? (read the topic, but is seems to be speculation at this point)

So, the Nest thermostat is dead to OpenHAB for now? Anyone?

I would say that a lot of OH users are steering away from Nest thermostats, simply because Google is too unpredictable and unreliable. You kind of hit on it in your first post. They announced that Works with Nest was going away without anything more than the promise that there’d be something better, and a year later we’re still waiting. They vaguely hinted that Google Assistant integration would be available to private users like us, and then stopped talking about it altogether. At this point, there’s no logical reason to think that they’ll ever deliver anything.

I generally like Google products and services, but when they lose interest in something you might as well write it off. For that reason, if anyone comes along asking about what thermostat to use with openHAB, I personally point them to Z-Wave devices.

Since you haven’t migrated your Nest account, you might be able to still set it up. I don’t know about that since I never bothered, but there’s lots of info about it in the community. And I don’t know much about Alexa at all, so I can’t help you there.

Good luck!

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Thanks! It’s kind of academic at this point. Alexa can control the Nest thermostat, so I can just leave it there, even if or when I manage to migrate all of my current devices to OH from the Echo hub and SmartThings hub.

Doesn’t anyone know someone over at Google? We need an insider!

Just one hint, Honeywell Evohome system even better than Nest Thermostat and works great with openHAB and Google both.

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