Nest Thermostat/Protect without need for use nestapi/SDM

I know there is possibility to connect Nest devices using SDM/Nest api however there is a fee for registering to it. Is there any other way to get Nest devices working without need of use SDM/API? Free of charge? Like somehow executing some scripts?
I found something like this for Domoticz: GitHub - FilipDem/Domoticz-NEST-plugin: NEST Plugin for Domoticz using the Google credentials.
Unfortunatelly my skills in python are… hmmm let’s say… very poor. Is there a possibility to change this code for Domoticz to work under OH 3? or maybe there is some other solutin to get my Nest devices working under OH3?
Nest has an mobile app, but you can also login thru web interface and it has the same functionality as their mobile app so there should be some possible way to simulate www login and to simulate device get/set commands…