Nest TStat- how to fake W1 connection

I was given a Gen2 Nest Learning TStat by a client who upgraded to a Gen 3. I have set up a sandbox board that gives me 20V power to Rh and Rc so I get by that no power on R err. Created Nest account, item on my network.
All is well except device really not connected to a HVAC. Get err no W1 or Y1 connected. How can I fake either of these to connectors>

Not really an openHAB question…
Have you looked in the nest support?

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Especially since Works with Nest API (& third party device support) is now gone.

Ok. I did not know that.

But, I just figured it out. All I need is a jumper from R to any/all other wires.
I really want to hack this Nest TStat and use w/o Google involved.
Stat tooned…

You can’t use a nest stat with going through the cloud. But good luck

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