[Nest] Want to help on Nest Openhab 2.0 binding but need Eclipse and Github advice

I’m hoping to help on the Nest 2.2… binding as well but I’m too much of a newbie to Eclipse software. When I build the jar myself there are tons of errors in the openhab.log about missing dependencies, null pointers, etc. But using the jar from cloudbees I was able to get my nest account thing built and it did find a thermostat. However it doesn’t seem to ever actually be polling the nest service.I used the nest.test jar as a binding at one point but I believe that just fakes a thermostat. It got values once, but those values are found hardcoded inside the files for the package in Eclipse which is why I assume it is faking the data.
I made sure nest biding is installed and active in karaf. Uninstalled the nest.test addon and restarted openhab a few times. I get the retrieving auth token and a single line of “updating thermostat…” in the log at boot but then never again. Frequency is set to 120 seconds in the binding config in PaperUI.
So, should I add this as a bug to github? How can I get some help building the jar on my own machine? (When I build the zwave development branch on my own machine it works fine.)
If I want to help with the readme how do I go about discussing that and getting permission (I suggest changing “client id” and “client secret” to “product id”, “product secret” to match the Nest developer website and other changes)
Thanks all

We recently reworked the 2.2.0 Nest Binding. These changes are part of the recent 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT builds. Some bugs were also fixed due to improved exception handling.

These configuration parameters were also renamed during the rework. There’s also a more extensive README now.

If you want to helpout with the binding you can always create issues or submit your own code (or README) changes using Pull Requests (PR) in the openhab2-addons project at GitHub. After submitting your code (or README) changes with a PR, it will be reviewed and when approved, it is merged into the openHAB source code. :slight_smile:

Hopefully my PR for replacing the polling with streaming REST is also approved/merged soon! :wink:

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