Nest x Yale lock support

I just ordered a Nest X Yale lock. I already have a Nest Thermostat. I picked the lock because it integrates and my kids keep misplacing their keys around the house. Amazingly, they never loose or forget their phones…

I was looking into the support here, and can’t really find any mention. I know it should integrate with the nest app, but I was wondering if it would also integrate into OpenHAB as well.

Any ideas? I can also help with providing info for development into the binding. I’m not really a coder, but I can test and provide feedback.

Nest has not yet added support for many of their new products in their API.

Other Nest users are also waiting for support in the Nest Developer Community:

I am looking for a smart door lock with a keypad and wanted to see if anyone was able to get the Next x Yale Door Lock to work with OH2.