Netamo Binding - Thermostate SetPointMode switches back to the "old" state after changing it via rule

I am trying to make a rule that is shutting down the radiator/heater, if a window is open.
The open window is detected by a window contact. The window contact is triggering a rule that is basically doing:

String Thermo_Livingroom_SetPointMode "Livingroom (SetPointMode)" {channel="..."}



I get the update in the console:
[vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Thermo_Livingroom_SetPointMode changed from program to away

but just 1 second later:
[vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Thermo_Livingroom_SetPointMode changed from away to program

So the system is switiching back to the old state. How is that possible.
My first idea was that i have to set the channel SetpointEndTime, but this is read only channel.
Do I overlook something?
Thanks for the help


Have you any other rules involving Thermo_Livingroom_SetPointMode?

This is …not desired …but normal. Currently the binding caches api answer until a refresh is needed. And for the thermostat the refresh is not triggered by an update of the setpoint mode. The PR #3336 will solve this. It’s pending merge.

Ok. Thx for the answer. Is there a work around for trigger an update (e.g. by updating another channel)?

The channel will be updated at next API refresh by itself. So one of your options is to set Thermostat refresh rate at a higher rate. The alternative is to use a proxy item to catch the value until refresh.