Netatmo 2 Thing and Item configuration

I am having problems with the Netatmo Binding for OH2 and hope to find someone who can help.
I installed the binding via Paper UI and wanted to configure the Things and Items via netatmo.things and netatmo.items, because I wanted to be able to use groups. However, loading the netatmo.things file failed with an Java error - something with UID must not be null. So I decided to let the Paper UI configure the things and define the items in netatmo.items. This worked well, but only until I restart OH2. Than, items are not updated anymore until I delete everything and reconfigure netatmo. Is that normal? Or is the mixed approach (letting Paper UI do half of the work and do the other half manually) a problem?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Edit: This might be in conjunction with:

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