Netatmo accuracy/reliability


I know a few people are using the Netatmo devices with openHAB. Indeed, it has it’s own binding. I’m poised to buy a Weather Station to try it out, but I’m haunted by a few bad reviews I’ve read about the readings from the devices not being too accurate and in some cases the device or devices stopping working after 6 months or so.

So I thought I’d tap into the community’s hive mind and see what experiences any of you have had with the platform, good, bad or indifferent.



I’ve been fairly happy with my Netatmo devices (indoor, outdoor, rain). As for accuracy, the outdoor sensor humidity sensor runs high by about 7-8%, which can’t be calibrated and is something many people have asked for as feature request. The wind device seems to more problematic.

I suppose if you’re feeding the data into openHAB, it’s pretty trivial to adjust the readings for known, consistent inaccuracies.

If you don’t know both the air temperature and the dewpoint temperature, you can’t simply offset an inaccurate relative humidity by some fixed amount to produce an accurate relative humidity. Also, if you know both air and dewpoint temperatures, you can calculate relative humidity yourself. Example in Lua (temps are Celsius):

function dewpoint_to_humidity(dp, t) 
  if dp > t then
    return nil, "Dew point temperature was higher than temperature. Since dew point temperature cannot be higher than air temperature, relative humidity was set to nil."
  return 100 * ((112 - (0.1 * t) + dp)/(112 + (0.9 * t)))^8
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