Netatmo and Foobot in the same chart

I just started to use openHAB and was able to get a plotted chart of data from a Netatmo air sensor in less a day! I now would like to get data from a similar product, Foobot. I could not find a binding so I guess this will be much harder. There is a API that I have not used at and I have also created a IFTTT applet that saves data to a number of Google spreadsheets. This can be found at

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.


At a high level you need to create an item or items that get updated with data from Foobot. Since it already works with Ifttt you can use Cloud connector and an applet to publish the data to OH instead/in addition to the spreadsheet.

It looks like the API is REST so you could potentially use the HTTP binding to get this data.

Set up persistence as you are with the Netamo Item(s).

If using the default charting, put all these items into a Group and use the Group as the item to chart.

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Sounds easy, thanks a lot. Since the Foobot can fire at “New air quality reading” I created a new applet that sends a command to a OpenHab and I guess the data is {{TmpValue}} and maby {{ReadingTime}} if this is not created by the persistance. Now to my problem, I must have a item created and I guess I have to expose it to the openHAB Cloud service. Any idea how to do this (as I said, I am very new at OpenHAB).


I think I solved a part of it. When I turned simple mode off I was able to create items and after that expose them to openHAB Cloud service. Now to my new problem, the exposed items does not appear in the items list in the openHAB Cloud service. Is there anything else I should to then expose them? The strange thing is that automaticly generated items appers in the cloud service but not the ones I have made. Even stranger, once I have exposed them, I can not remove the items.

Next step solved. The item had to contain a value to be shown in openHAB cloud. Strange.

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I’m currently on travel. Sounds like you got it working. If so I’m glad.

Yes, all charts are working fine, now I have just to learn to do thinks with the data, maby close a shade or send a mail.


i try it since days and didnt get it. I cant expose my manualy added foobot item.
Which value do you take there? I dont know, whats my mistake… please help