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Maybe someone can answer / help me. :slight_smile:
I received a mail that the API token handling changes - does this affect the netatmo binding? Would it affect also older versions like 3.2/3.1/etc ?


I can’t answer the first question but it’s usually less work to refresh both tokens when you get both tokens so I’d guess, just based on human laziness, that the binding probably does it in a way that this changed doesn’t impact it.

As for the second question, if the current binding does need to change because of this, it almost certainly impacts all versions of the binding. Getting the OAuth stuff working is pretty much the first thing you need to implement for a binding like this and once it works, you don’t touch it.

@glhopital to tell us if something has to be updated im the current binding.

Issue created here

Good morning.
The api change has already starts? I have an error in the logs access token missing. No item value changes since yesterday 18:00.
Running OH3.3 stable.
Is there a fix in 3.4?
Thanks and greetings,

I have read that the fix for OH4.0 will back-ported for OH3.4?
It’s not clear to me if the add-on will be updated automaticly or manually and how.
At this moment the version is 3.4.2 the same as the current installed OH version.

After changing to V3.4.2 my netatmo binding is already running again. But i don’t know if there are changes for new api, too.

I just received an e-mail saying that the changes will take place on May 9th:

Dear Netatmo developer,

As of today, the images you get from the API, such as snapshots, vignettes or even profile images, do not expire.

For security reasons, the retrieved URLs will now expire.
Starting from the 09/05/2023, you will receive, along with the image URLs, an ‘expire_at’ field. The expiration time will be set at five minutes when rolled out but keep in mind that this value can change.

As a result, you must take into account the ‘expires_at’ field that you will receive in the payload.
What does it means for you ?

Impacted API endpoint are :

  • /homesdata when retrieving the image of each person
  • /getevents when retrieving snapshots and vignettes

If you do not download immediately the image URLs of these two API endpoints, you shall modify your code to handle the expiration time. Once the URLs are expired, and if you try to download the images again, you will receive a 404 HTTP error. You have to make a new API call to retrieve new URLs.

Legrand - Netatmo - Bticino

Oh wait, that seems to be something else but I guess that it’s related to the other API-changes. FYI: My integration towards Netatmo is still working on my Openhab3-setup.

No it is not directly related but expect some evolutions : Issue tracked here

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I was running OH 3.4.0 on Rasp4 (Openhabian Setup) and my Netatmo Bridge stopped working on April 18th as announced by Netatmo.
reading the thread, i understood the fix for OAuth shall be backported to OH 3.4, so I upgraded to latest OH 3.4.3 (cleared cache, restarted) .
Binding also shows 3.4.3 but the issue still occurs. Netatmo Bridge does not longer come online.
anyone knows if fix has been backported already ? or would it be possible to manually upgrade the Binding to the 4.x snapshot if compliant with 3.4 ?
highly appreciated your inputs, since some of my rules are heavily depended on Netatmo

Hi. You have to re-authorized again. See binding description. Is working well for me.
Greetings, Markus


Hi Markus. cool stuff. this fix it. thank you very much for your fast response.

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