Netatmo Binding doesn't accept valid MAC as Equipment ID

Applies to Netatmo Binding version 2.1.0 SNAPSHOT

Steps to reproduce (in PaperUI):

  1. Create a valid bridge (result should be that Netatmo binding is shown as Online)
  2. Add Main Indoor Station
  3. Select previously configured Bridge
  4. Enter MAC Adress of main indoor station as per Netatmo web app

This is the result I got:

… just found out what part of the problem was: I had disabled “Thermostat” and “Weather Station” in binding, because I don’t have either:

This is the thermostat:
This is the weather station:

When I enabled these, I could then access Temperature etc. in my main module. Perhaps the plugin author confused Thermometer and Thermostat, those are not the same thing…

However: If I go back into Thing to change name for example, I can’t save because of above problem. This is definitely a bug.

I can change labels without any problems with HABmin though…, so the problem seems related to PaperUI.

Can you an issue in GitHub, I’ll have a loook at it.


any progress on this?
I have the same issue with the current version.

Hi Christian,

The related issue is closed. The fix is available in the current snapshot version.