Netatmo binding installation on OH2.4 (Netatmo indoor module)


I am running OH 2.4 and want to install netatmo binding 2.5.7. As is, it does not work.
The netatmo device is an indoor module (measuring temperature, humidity, CO2, noise). I bought it recently, and if it is not working with openhab I would send it back.
I know I should update to OH3 but it is too much effort for now.

How can I install the netatmo binding needed for OH2.4?


Platform: raspberry pi 3
openhab: 2.4
binding version: 2.5.7

I’ve no idea where you could find that

Not too surprising, this why 2.4 went to 2.5

You might consider an alternative of upgrading your whole system from 2.4 to last OH2 release 2.5.12, where at least all correct binding versions are available.

This is hardly your supplier’s fault.

The only way to use the Netatmo binding is with OH 3.3 or higher. The older versions use an authentication method that stopped working a few months ago. See [netatmo] Deprecated Authentication Methods · Issue #12677 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub


Is there a link were to download and install the binding low level?

Unfortunately, there is not. The binding was completely refactored and will only work with 3.3 or higher.

If you can’t upgrade everything to OH 3.3+, the remote OpenHAB binding is an option.

I had to send the air quality sensor back. It does not allow to install a second additional CO2 sensor. I found out after a longer back and forth conversation with support.

A remote openhab binding seemed to be a good idea. Possibly also for a netatmo alternative CO2 sensor.