Netatmo binding - rain gauge and additional indoor module OFFLINE

I am a newbie and need some help with my netatmo.things file.

I am using a new openhabian installation on my Pi4 (openhab3) and I successfully installed the Netatmo bridge. The “Netatmo API” in ONLINE and I get all values from my indoor-Netatmo-basestation into openhab. Very nice.

But: I am not able to get my other two modules (rain gauge and additional indoor modul) running. These two things are shown OFFLINE in openhab.
What is wrong with my netatmo.things file?

Bridge netatmo:netatmoapi:home "Netatmo API" [ clientId="xxxx", clientSecret="xxx", username = "xxx", password = "xxx", readStation=true, readThermostat=false] {
    Thing NAMain inside "Netatmo Inside"                              [ id="70:EE:50:17:C0:F1" ]
    Thing NAModule2 inside2 "Netatmo Inside extra indoor modul"       [ id="70:EE:50:05:04:C5", parentId="70:EE:50:17:C0:F1" ] 
    Thing NAModule3 rain "Netatmo rain"                               [ id="70:EE:50:06:C2:51", parentId="70:EE:50:17:C0:F1" ]

The serialnumbers of my modules ends with 0504c5 and 06c251
→ So, I think my MAC-addresses should be ok - but nevertheless the things inside2 and rain are shown OFFLINE (whereas inside is ONLINE and everthings works fine).

Would be great, if you could give me a hint, what’s wrong with my things-file.


I found the solution myself!
Very import to read the manual regarding the DeviceID…!

serialnumber k06c251 → DeviceID: 05:00:00:06:C2:51
serialnumber i0504c5 → DeviceID: 03:00:00:05:04:C5

Now my additional modules are ONLINE. Perfect!