Netatmo indoor air quality monitor or alternatives

Is the Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor supported by the binding? I suppose it would use the same thing as the indoor unit of the weather station, if it works.

I don’t understand what it says about the refresh interval - “Based on a standard update period of 10mn by Netatmo systems - it will auto adapt to stick closest as possible to last data availability.”.
Does it refresh every 10 minutes, or can it be more frequent?
I think 10 minutes is not really good enough to control the heating (based on temperature reading).

Apart from that it looks good. I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations for other devices with accurate CO2 measurements?

Sorry, I went too fast. The binding includes “Healthy Home Coach Device”. That’s the same product, so it is supported.

I also found that it goes through the cloud-based API - then I suppose 10 minutes polling interval is a good idea. No problem to use other things for real time temperature data, but I’m not so sure about this one. At least the most important question, of binding support, is answered.

I am using Awair element air quality monitoring. It does co2 and a few other things too. I posted how to use it with openhab if you search. It uses local API and there is a phone app.

That’s pretty cool (for others reading this, here’s the link: Awair Element air quality monitor - data charting without using a binding ). Thanks a lot for sharing this. The Awair is sold out in Europe, but can ship from US. It’s a bit pricey for me, at $400 + shipping, but I have to consider it.

I am very happy with it. The values seem realistic.
T, RH, CO2, VOC, PM2.5
It doesn’t need cloud access but it is in an option. It seems sensitive and can quickly detect people in the room by an increase in CO2. I used it to check and set the air flow levels for my house which has a managed filtered air supply. VOC will detect easilly perfume spray and other things. As can be seen from the spike below.

Bonus is that the app shows the outdoor air quality and annomised indoor results for your area. So, you can see how you compare.

I made Awair aware of my openHAB post and an employee joined the thread I created. So, support could be good but the unit has been reliaible and I have not needed any help.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I agree it seems very good. For indoor air quality, for my needs it’s better than Netatmo and AirThings. I’m also considering to get one or two SCD30 sensors for just CO2, temperature and humidity, which are very cheap in comparison (given that I already have a couple of Arduinos). Doesn’t give quite the complete picture like Awair though…

I don’t have any CO2 sensors, but my new favourite solution for a temperature/humidity is the Broadlink RM4 Mini. You can buy it with an optional USB cable that adds a sensor, and it works great with the unofficial Broadlink binding. Tiny, no batteries, inexpensive, and it can also be a universal remote (its actual purpose). I only wish it also had a light sensor.

Thanks rpwong, that’s something I never would have thought of. It looks pretty good, but I didn’t find the cable+sensor easily.

Temperature is indeed the most urgent need for me. I’ve been using some analog TMP36 sensors, but it’s been a nightmare for me. Maybe because I used a too long cable, but the signal is really noisy and it’s off by 5 degrees unless I try to filter it with analog components. One of the microcontrollers finally gave up, and it’s time to do something else.

In this category I also looked at the Shelly H&T sensor, which is also WiFi based. It only has +/- 1 degree accuracy, but with a manual calibration option (so much better than my old system:). A lot of good options now.