Netatmo Measurement Units

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First time poster here so I hope I’m doing this correctly. I’ve searched the forum and could not find anything related to my topic so I’m hoping we can find a solution.

I have the Netamo 2.1.0 binding running on my OpenHAB2 setup and I’m able to collect information properly and display it. I run into an issue though when I display the temperatures, pressures and rain levels in HABpanel as they all show in Metric rather than US imperial. Is there any way to convert the Metric units to US units or is this something that I’m going to have to live with?

Thanks in advance for any ideas and help!

I still use the OH1 binding since the OH2 binding doesn’t support this yet. I’d hope that at some point, this plus other missing functionality is added to the OH2 binding.

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@esloyer Welcome to the community. Have fun and enjoy openHAB.

The conversation of units is a huge feature to be implemented. Currently the developer of the Eclipse Smarthome Framework are working on it. It will be available soon. This feature will be part of the framework to give every user the possibility to switch between any unit he or she prefers.

@ranielsen I am new to Netatmo and never have had the chance to see what features are available in the OH1 version of this binding. But often heard about them. Do you see a chance to list them as an issue in OH2? Maybe we can enhance the new binding in the near future.

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@cweitkamp, The OH1 binding is documented at One of my frustrations with the new OH2 bindings is some of them are partial implementations of the functionality of OH1 versions.

Thanks. I saw that page but never gave it a try. Maybe I should.