Netatmo new API

Hi folks,

I’ve just received the flash by Netatmo their API have been updated, and now also Welcome is available.


Any chance to have a new version of the binding as well?

really excited :smile:


I’m currently porting the existing binding to v2 API…but for OH2. Currently also including Thermostat handling in it. If that can clarify.

I see that the devicelist api call is deprecated. When I get a chance, I’ll update the OH1 binding to use the new getstationsdata api instead.

BTW, the 1.8 binding has updated with new min, max, and sum types. Check out the wiki for more info:

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Any plan to support Netatmo Welcome ?

The main feature I would like is to be able to enabling or disabling the camera through the API. Unfortunately, the last time I checked the Netatmo API, I found nothing to do that.

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Any chance to integrate a Netatmo Presence camera any time soon?
I own one since yesterday and could help in testing etc…

Camera API’s seem to be present now…

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