Netatmo OH2 binding - Webhook explanation for accessing Welcome camera

I’m struggling with the Paper UI and Netatmo APP configuration in order to access and display the live snapshot pictures from the Welcome camera.

In the paper UI I see that the URL for the welcomeCameraLivePictureUrl thing starts with “…” That of course won’t allow me access.

The binding documentation mention that it is possible to access it using webhook. I have no idea what it means or how to accomplish it. Can anyone help and provide a step by step instruction set for dummies?

@Catskinner Did you manage to solve this issue? I have the same problem.

Yes I did…sort of.

Basically the webhook address should be the public address accessible from outside your network and that should be identical to the one entered in the netatmo app on their dev site.

However, my understanding is that it is only used by netatmo to signal that a new event just occurred. The binding and openhab still have to reach out and fetch the data. The problem here is that it’s just a method to save on polling the API and doesn’t accomplish much beside that. It won’t help at all to solve the issue of fetching the snapshot that sometime work - until it doesn’t, and that’s a problem which I suspect lies on netatmo side.

There is another way to get the welcome camera snapshot pictures, one that doesn’t involve the binding or netatmo API and is therefore bulletproof: Fetch it directly from the camera. You need to find what is the internal network URL address and the trick to do it is explained here: Re: Netatmo Presence and Welcome - configuration [instruction].

Once you have the local network address of the snapshot image it should be trivial to add it to your sitemap with a refresh frequency that suit your needs.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I mange to get the image file to work, but the refresh was not so good in the app, it seems to work in browser, but still not"perfect".

Did you mange to do something with video?
Do you know if the Binding is still having active contributers? There is very little about this on this forum.
For me, i see Netatmo solutions for the perfect video managment system that Openhab does not have. If it only worked…

You mean the Habdroid app? It actually refresh better than the browser but openhab in general seems to have occasional hiccups resulting in changes not updated immediately or only after a manual refresh. That’s not something specific to Netatmo or refreshing a specific picture.

AFAIK the binding is still actively supported. I had a reply from member Lolodomo who is one of the contributors.

I don’t use the video and I don’t think that it is supported at all by the binding.

Image and video are supported and were working for me (OH 2.3) at least in WEB browsers.
The live picture is a fixed URL in case you use the URL channel (rather than the image channel) and so will not be refreshed except if you set the refresh parameter in your sitemap element. No such need in case you use the image channel.

The problem with the binding for me is the url is not working correctly. I get the link, but the link is not showing the picture, the link include “/restricted”, witch i guess is not good, am i missing something?

Are you also planning on supporting the presence (outdoor) cam? :slight_smile:

Rather use the image channel and you don’t care about URLs.

Presence camera will certainly be supported one day. It requires first an update of the lib the binding relies on.

I cant get the image channel to work eighter, but the status is working.

But as i see it, it would be a very good solution to get the URL to work, as i could also use the video, witch will look better (i guess) on a big screen instead of image refresh=1000 as i do today.
Any thought why URL is not working?

Using Openhab 2.2

Just tested and you’re right, the live picture is no more working.
I will try to understand what changed and what’s wrong.

Pictures from events are ok.

Yes, pictures form event seems to be working.
Let me know if you find an easy solution for this.

But as i see it, the best soulution will be to get the video url, as image and refresh can have some problems in the openhab app.