Netatmo outdoor-station never updates

After removing the Netatmo-API thing and re-adding the main- and outdoor-station it gets
values once…
(i’ve put the station 2 meters next to the main-station for testing)
Anyone else has this problem?

(I’m running oh2 snapshots)

btw. should netatmo-welcome work in oh2?

I´ve the same problem and use now the old netatmo-binding

Hi there.
I’ve got the same issue here.

I’m Using openhab build 458.

The values for additionnal modules (outdoot, rain, …) are updated only once at startup. The “Netatmo API” things shows as “initializing” in paperUI.
The main indoor module works perfectly …

Here’s my thing file.

Bridge netatmo:netatmoapi:vailhauques [
        username = "xxxx@xxx",
        password = "xxxxxx",
        readThermostat=false ]
                Thing NAMain salon  [ equipmentId="70:ee:50:17:c1:fa" ]
                Thing NAModule4 chambre  [ equipmentId="03:00:00:03:05:ea", parentId="70:ee:50:17:c1:fa" ]
                Thing NAModule1 outside  [ equipmentId="02:00:00:17:af:02", parentId="70:ee:50:17:c1:fa" ]
                Thing NAModule3 pluviometre  [ equipmentId="05:00:00:01:c2:3e", parentId="70:ee:50:17:c1:fa" ]


same here :frowning: