Netatmo Presence (GET recent events)

i want to share my expirence with the Netatmo binding, in terms only of Outdoor camera Presence, and my open points/questions regarding recent events.

I have only the Presence Outdoor Cameras, no weather no indoor camera or anything. I’m working with OpenHAB 3.
You need to get create an APP like descriped in the Binding Documentation. For gathering the HOME ID you need the UUID of your “House”/home, which you can get via REST GET Call, from netatmo page: Netatmo Connect | Security API Documentation → “try it out” , leave “home_id” blank, and as response you will get the UUID.

What took my a while, you need also to add the “thing” called “Welcome Home”, only the Home ID UUID is need for it. but some information are collected via this “thing”, so for me it didnt worked without adding.

So controling the Outdoor camera works, and also getting screenshots.

What is missing is event extraction. I see there is a REST call on netatmo connect page: Netatmo Connect | Security API Documentation which gives the needed response of last event (animal, human etc.), screenshot. But i could not find it in the possible channel list. Am I missing something, or is this feature not implemented yet?

well, i found the solution by myself. I’ll share it with you, as it was not really clear from the documentation. I found the event triggers in the Channels of the “thing” “Welcome Home”. Now it’S possible to have "recent Trigger of “animal/person…”, screenshot of trigger, and related camera name in the dashboard. very nice

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Thank you very much!

Hello Christian
Could you please explain in more detail how you solved the problem? I can’t manage to use the trigger correctly. I work with the UI (not file based).
Thanks in advance