Netatmo Recreate Things

When OH 3.3-M5 was introduced, all Netatmo things had to be re-created because the binding had changed. Well, that’s ok and I did. No problem

Now I have upgraded to OH 3.3-M6 and again I am supposed to re-create all Netatmo things. I find that a bit strange and not very user friendly unless M6 imposes additional changes. However, I really would appreciate, if this could be minimised moving forward.

M5, M6 are milestone releases that are even before software that is being a release candidate.
For software being in such a state I would expect this to happen.
As far as I understand the comments in github

it has been taken into account to has less as possible breaking changes but there was no better way than ‘breaking’ again to have a stable, prepared release for the comming change at Netatmo.
Even better to have the breaking change in milestone release than in between two stable releases.

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Update your bridge parameters by removing username and password, they are not needed anymore. Then follow the steps here.