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is it possible to change the default-interval for the Netatmo-Binding from 10 min. to 5 min.? In the readme I read that the default interval is defined by Netatmo API and therefore can’t be changed but the default interval is 5 minutes as can be seen here:

and here:




Weather Station
Do not try to pull data every minute. Netatmo Weather Station sends its measures to the server every ten minutes.

No point polling every 5 minutes if the data is updated every 10 min?

Hm… So one of this two descriptions is wrong… The guys in the home assistant community tried it out and they say, the interval is 5 mins (check out the 2nd link)

Yeah, strange. I just read quickly through the posts, either he’s right (it’s actually 5 min updates) or the sensor actually samples every 5 minutes but reports to the cloud every 10 minutes.

I think the netatmo app shows 5 minute intervalls, but i don’t know if they add two values each update.
Will try to check this.

Even if it was this way, polling every 5 minutes would make no sense, since new values will need 10 minutes to be visible.

In the 1st link I sent shows an interval of 5 minutes… Is there any chance we can check this out?

You have to keep in mind that there could be a difference between what Netatmo delivers for their own stuff and what they present in the API.

You could poll the api directly (not from the binding) in a higher frequency to check out how often new measurements appear

For realtime reading no, but for history/graph view it’s very useful.

Yeah of course, but still you would have to wait 10 minutes and read the last two measurements since the next one would not be available already after 5 minutes.
(And you would have to update the corresponding item with a specific timestamp for the second last measurement and not the current time. I don’t know if this is possible.)

For the record:

I have monitored the my.netatmo dashboard now.
It didn’t update for 10 minutes and had 2 new values afterwards.
Has to be checked for the api separately of course, bit is a first indicator.

Well the usecase behind my question is that I have integrated a lawn mower which will be sent back to his station when it starts raining as we have some water patches around and I don’t want him to get stuck there. In our region it starts raining quickly and strong - so within 10 minutes the whole yard can be soaked. Of course, best would be a rain gauge which triggers an event immediately but as far as I understood, this is not possible with Netatmo.

But reducing the poll-time from 10 to 5 minutes would be better than nothing.

@Confectrician you mentioned to poll the api directly in a higher frequency. Is there any other chance to do this within Openhab without the binding? (Sorry for the question but I’m a bloody rookie)

For the mower topic:
Yeah, the best would be a directly connected sensor for such a usecase.
Imagine what would be if you loose the internet connection and openHAB cant poll any updates from netatmo.

Directly polling the api:
This is not possible from openHAB directly,
(Maybe with rules and http requests, but that’s a huge effort for testing puprose.)

I would use a tool like Postman, set up the api url and the accesstoken and start.
In fact setting up the api call will be more wor then monitoring the api itself. :smile:

Sorry for the late reply. I raised a ticket with Netatmo about which information is right. The answer from Netatmo was:

„The upload interval from the weather station to the cloud is currently 5 minutes. We will adjust the API-documentation accordingly.“

I also installed home-assistant to check out the netatmo module there (with 5 minutes interval). It works great. According to the developer, the module works like this:

On the first api call the module is looking at the server-timestamp which is included in every response. Using this timestamp, adding 5 minutes and 10 seconds and you will have the time when to poll the API next time.

Would it be possible to implement this in the Openhab Netatmo Binding too?

I would like to join the request of the previous speaker.

The mobile is buzzing with a notification that OpenHAB does not yet know, because only every second record is taken over.

Sounds good. To change it in the binding will be no big deal. Maybe we should reintroduce the refreshIntervall to make it configurable again.

@glhopital Are you aware of this change? Can you verify it?

Oh that‘s the best idea to make it configurable! Maybe a note next to the parameter to inform users about the default value of Netatmo? In this case we would be able to adjust settings immediately if Netatmo is changing the setting again…

Hi @Flip,

Yes, why not. Good hint. Please share your thoughts in the related OH2 issue:

Are there new infos about the refresh interval?

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Reviving this topic because it seems like this is still a problem.

I created an issue with my detailled findings here: [netatmo] very long delay (up to 19mins) because of refreshs at the wrong time · Issue #11588 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

Long story short: The data available via the Netatmo API only changes every 10mins as of today, but the netatmo binding sometimes skips refreshes and when it does refresh, it effectively adds up to 9min delay because it queries the API at the wrong time intervals (shortly before the refresh happens).

can you give the new version of the binding a try ?
But be aware that it is not fully backward compatible (channels changed).

Unfortunately I’ve stopped using Netatmo and switched to Homematic IP sensors that update more often (every 2-3min), so I can’t test the new version any more.