Netatmo weather units

I just received and set up my NetAtmo weather station. I am using OH2, and was able to easily install the binding, add items and things, and the information is now displayed for both inside and outside temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, etc.

My only problem is that the temperature is being output in Celsius. In the NetAtmo app, I set my units to Fahrenheit, and it displays correctly. It looks like there is a channel on the indoor station for units, but that channel is not supported by the binding. Is it possible to have the unit output in Fahrenheit directly, or to set up something so that it is converted?

(I searched for this info on both the binding page on github as well as in the forums, but I don’t see anything, so if I missed something obvious, I apologize)

Thanks in advance

I’d suggest switching to the OH 1 binding since it supports unit system and pressure unit ( . For some reason, it’s considered legacy, even though the OH 2 binding is missing all sorts of functionality from the OH 1 binding. For example min/max and sum types, wind module, and Welcome camera support. It should really be the other way around, the OH 2 binding should be considered beta until it at least supports the functionality of the 1.x binding.

BTW, The Netatmo 1.x binding isn’t even listed in the OH 2 documentation, I created an issue for it:

Wind module is currently supported by v2 of the binding and Welcome camera is under review. I currently have no time to port extended functionalities min/max; sum …
So if someone is willing to get in it, he’s welcome.