Netatmo Webhook Instructions?

Hi everyone,

This is most frustrating topic and many forum posts simply leave much to be desired.

Has anyone successfully got the Netatmo dev app webhook working for them? I am trying to get Netatmo presence notifications pushed to my server instead of polling. I have succeeded in polling camera motion notifications but the whole process is too slow.

Based on the literature, this is where the webhook comes in… BUT I cant figure it out.

To my understanding…

  1. You set the public address of your openhab server in the Netatmo API thing. e.g. http://ddns-address:443

  2. It appears you leave the Netatmo dev applet webhook & redirect fields blank. OpenHAB server should do the rest

  3. You should recieve push notiications via the welcomehome thing, trigger channel

Sounds simple? Sadly not. All this does not work for me. I have two problems:

  1. My webhook gets banned by Netatmo all the time
  2. I have an error in the server log as below:

[ERROR] [ternal.webhook.WelcomeWebHookServlet] - Could not start Netatmo Webhook servlet: servlet already registered with a different alias
javax.servlet.ServletException: servlet already registered with a different alias

Am I missing something please?

Many thanks in advance,


hi Matt
could you fix the problem with the webhook url?
i have now the same problem.
how should the webhook url look like?

greets Dave