Netatmo Welcome: binding leaves live image NULL

on my Openhab 4.2.0 the netatmo binding delivers the channel “live#picture” for my Presence cameras (outdoor) as expected. However my Welcome camera (indoor) remains NULL

Screenshot 2024-04-19 082540

If this helps, the last-event#snapshot is also NULL for all cameras.

Any thoughts? Is this an error in my config? A binding issue?


This can happen if you setup your system not to record you and the known persons. Could it be the case ?

No, this doesn’t help or yes I do save them.

Perhaps I have a misconception? Is there any kind of documentation I can read? More than the binding documentation.
I would expect the “Live Monitoring” channels to be filled all the time when the APP (Home + Control & Security | Legrand - Netatmo - Bticino) also shows that live content is available.
And the same with “Last Event” channels. They should be all filled with data for the last event and replaced as soon as there is a new (last) event.

But my Welcome Live never gets filled and the “Last Event” snapshots get filled but go back to NULL aber some time.