Netatmo Welcome w/ OH2

I’ve manage to get the binding to Netatmo Welcome to work with Netatmo Bidning 1.x.

I’ve set up some items (LastSeen, Pseudo) etc. I can see in the OH2 event.log that the events are coming through … BUT there is a 3-5 minutes lag from when Welcome recognizes a person to the event is fired. This is very different from the notification I get on my iPhone in the Netatmo Security App, where the time between Welcome recognizing a person and the App giving a notification is only a few seconds.

Any ideas about why it takes so long? The current lag is not usable for the scenario I’m trying to build.

I’m also a bit in the dark on how the webhook works. OH2 is running on a RPi3 on my home network. There is no direct way to access the RPi3 from outside my network (the firewall blocks this). Is the OH2 binding pulling the netatmo REST API’s or has a Websocket sort of connection been established between the two, so that the netatmo server can notifiy OH2? How does it work?

I suspect that it is because the Netatmo binding works with a recurring pull method, while Netatmo Apps are notified by push method. I’m currently working on the v2 version of the binding and trying to find a way to allow push method along with OH2

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Thank you. Yes, that is also the conclusion I’ve landed at.

This webhook is really tricky, every 5 failures you’re banned from Netatmo server :frowning: and I do not understand if they’re doing a post or put. I’m trying to send it to rest interface on an item this way :
But nothing works.

Anybody would have an idea ?

The Webhook documentation from NEtatmo has a lot left to be desired.

It’s a POST. That I am sure of.

Yesterday it stopped working. I have no idea why. Today it works again. I’ve tried to write them on the support and the forum: see here - Netatmo API

Yes, and from what I read, it seems I’ll never be able to accept these posts on the rest API because its content-type is application/json while OH2 only accept text/plain. I can not figure how to encapsulate the whole mechanism in a single binding so.