Netatmo with Communication Error

I use Netatmo with V3.3 in Docker on Debian. Netamo runs very well until last Thursday. Suddenly the Netatmo Account stop working with a message:

Unexpected error deserializing ‘{“error”:“invalid_grant”}’

I don’t understand why. I created a new refresh token and tried again http://:8080/netatmo/connect/<CLIENT_ID>.

I hope anybody can me help. Thanks

me too same problem… after update openhab 3.3.0 with new netatmo bindinng it is OFFLINE. I tried many times to give grant with http://:8080/netatmo/connect/<CLIENT_ID > but the state is OFFLINE.

I forgot to repeat my solution. The problem was a file with the refresh token in the system. I renamed the file with extension .thing and create a newe refresh token and it works. In the last step I changed the refresh token in the .thing-File.

I need a .thing-file for additional channels.