Network binding: Permanent log messages "DHCP request for unknown address:"

in my openhab.log, I get permanent entries like

  2017-06-06 13:46:07.821 [INFO ] [rvice.dhcp.ReceiveDHCPRequestPackets] - DHCP request for unknown address:
  2017-06-06 13:48:28.331 [INFO ] [rvice.dhcp.ReceiveDHCPRequestPackets] - DHCP request for registered address:

I think they come from the network binding.

Things are setup like this

Thing network:device:handy1 [ hostname="", port="0", retry="1", timeout="5000", refresh_interval="60000", use_system_ping="false", dhcplisten="true" ]

Is there a way to suppress them?

Sure, set dhcplisten=“false”

Okay, but then presence detections will take longer to see the actual state, right?

Change the log level from “info” to “warn” and u won’t see any information messages anymore :slight_smile:
It might be a good idea to make this message a “trace” log, which is per default not visible.

Good idea, even if only for registered addresses. An ‘info’ for unknown addresses might be still desirable? Guess a user needs to raise an enhancement request against the binding in the issues list

Hmm, info for unknown addresses would not be desirable in our network - I am using the binding only for presence detection and so only have some phones in it. All other devices (and there are a LOT) in the network would lead to unknown address log messages - not very convenient…
But an enhancement request would be nice…

Well, you are the user with the use-case, over to you :smile:

Okay, done:

The enhancement request seems to be resolved and I updated to the latest snapshot, but the log messages are still there.
I also changed the network:device: to network:pingdevice:
Anything else that I need to do to avoid the log messages?

The log messages were only removed for not tracked devices. Configured devices are still logged but as trace, if I recall correctly. If not, please open another issue on github. We will not remove the log message completely though.

Cheers David

I also get the Info messages “DHCP request for unknown address:” for devices that are not configured for the network binding. I just installed the 2.3.0 version of the binding:

openhab> bundle:list -s | grep network
242 │ Active   │  80 │     │

but I still see those messages. Do I have to install some other version?

Thank you. What does that mean exactly? Will I have to download the latest file from

Yup. Wait another day and it should be on the snapshot server, if it isn’t right now.

Thanks, messages are “gone” now. :slight_smile: