Network Binding: Presence detection with hostname instead of ip

I can’t use the IP of my mobile phone, so I wanna use the hostname as it is described at network binding docu. ( hostname=“android-xxxx” )
But it doesn’t work!?
When I use the IP instead of android-xxxx it works, but I can’t set the IP as static.
Can anyone help?


If DCHP lease is expired, it will not even resolve so there’s nothing to ping. If your hostname is actually valid, i dont see how it won’t work if the device is actually up.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but are you actually using the correct hostname, and not android-XXX. Also make sure your OH is using the correct gateway/DNS to resolve the hostnames.

You are right: if DHCP lease is expired, there is nothing to ping but, I think that Network Bind should tell that the node is “not present” instead to log an error (see: Network binding error resolving host name).