Network bindning online item combined with switch state

Hi all

I’ve been struggeling a bit with my sitemaps and intems. Shortly I would like to achive one item in sitemap with the network icon thats green when my devices is online and red when ofline and next to it have either buttons or a switch to wake device up or power it down, I have it all setup but every device needs two items in sitemap right now, one for status and one for on off functionality.

Switch item=SQB_kontor_status icon=“network”
Switch item=pxe_sqb_kontor mappings=[POWERUP=“Wakeup”, POWERDOWN=“Shutoff”]

Switch SQB_kontor_status “SQB Kontor STATUS” {channel=“network:pingdevice:sqb_kontor:online”}

String pxe_sqb_kontor “Pxe Sqb Kontor” //{wol=“]”, channel=“network:pingdevice:sqb_kontor:online”, autoupdate=“false”}

And the I have a set of rules to excecutre command via ssh for power off.

You can’t do that in sitemaps. Each line can only use one Item. You’ll need to have to entries on your sitemap, one for each Item.

rIkoshak Thank’s for clearing that one out, now I just have to figure oute a betterlooking way to visualize what I want to.