Network health binding - no ping to android-xxxxxx

I tried to implement a ping sensor to detect when I’m home.
The name of my android device as I see in my router is something like:
When I try to ping it, I don’t get any answer.
However when I do a ping to the IP that associated to my device (as I see in my router) I will get an answer.

Does anyone have an idea why? How to overcome it (without setting a fixed IP to any device)?

The name your device reports to the router is not actually used by the router for host name resolution. You have to assign a static IP. However, you should be able to do so from your router and not on the device itself.

OK thanks,
so the example rule here, is misleading…

Sort of. It really depends on how the original manufacturer of the phone set it up. I’ve had some older ones that did respond to a ping by that name but none of my newer phones will.

Thank you for the explanation