Hey Community,

I have got some issues integrating my ups (at least one, maybe two) into openhab.
I found the networkupstools-binding and installed it… and configured it. But the wiki for it is quite incomplete :wink:

What does the nut use to get the data? The http-interface of the network-card of my ups? What else?!

The networkupstools.cfg:

# Refresh interval for state updates in milliseconds (optional)

# UPS device name

# UPS server hostname (optional)[...]

# UPS server port (optional)

# UPS server login (optional)

# UPS server pass (optional)

If i configure it to port 80 is successfully connects (at least he doesnt tell me anything else).
But in my log-files he tells me:
2017-07-05 14:21:26.040 [ERROR] [ools.internal.NetworkUpsToolsBinding] - Nut processing error

My items:

String Ups_Status "UPS status [%s]" { networkupstools="ups1:APCX750.status" }
Number Ups_Load "UPS output voltage [%.1f V]" { networkupstools="ups1:APCX750.load" }

Any ideas for me?

Thanks in advance,

I maybe wrong (since I still !$%^@# don’t have a UPS at my home… big mistake :slight_smile: )
but I believe that you need to have the Network UPS Tools (NUT) installed first.

Afterwards, the Network UPS Tools Binding will connect to the NUT upsd server (which in turn, connects via serial, USB or IP to the UPS device) and pull the required info.

Notes: Use code fences to post configs

config data go here

Also, mention the openHAB release that you are using and if possible, the version of the binding.

Sorry - luckily this is the beginners-area, so no one will be too angry for those fails :slight_smile: Well: Codesfences are placed… And its OH2.1

… and thats my problem: There is no documentation… What is “UPS server hostname”… sounds for me like the ip of my ups. Not like the ip of the nut-server, which connects to the ups.

But I dont know :frowning:
Anyone got this running and my help me a bit?

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You are right… the documentation is poor for this binding (most likely because it assumes that people will have deployed the NUTs server in advance… :slight_smile: ). It’s not even clear to me that my assumption is correct… I believe that it is.

I will order now my new APC ups with USB connection and hopefully try to type up an improved version of the docs entry :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have a AP9630 (UPS Network Management Card 2) installed on the SMX750 (APC Smart-UPS X 750VA) ? It looks like it is supported by NUTS.

It looks like a good model… also rack mountable… I may go for the same :wink:

Hey Angelos,

yes… and its quite nice. I prefer network vs. usb … more flexible. And you can configure the ups perfectly.

Well… if you figure it out… let me know - i would love to get this running… and maybe also to integrate my second ups, which stands in my company.



btw: don’t wait for me… I may get lazy again and not buy the UPS… even though I need it badly! (lots of power interruptions in my area lately)

Play around with the NUTs tool. Installation and configuration could be complex but with the help of I am sure that you will get it moving.

Then, the openHAB binding config should be a breeze :slight_smile:

Following is an example of my config for a BestPower Fortress connected via USB2Serial Adapter to my openHAB server





            driver = bestfortress
            port = /dev/ttyUSB0
            cable = 1234
            desc = "Smarthome UPS"



You need to adapt ups.conf
Acoording to the docs of NUT it could be


            driver = snmp-ups
            mibs = apcc
            desc = "APC AP9630"

This should give you a start, if not, please see

Thank you all!

Works now. Too much trouble for it, but it works :slight_smile:

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